I am a solicitor mediator. I now offer a Family Mediation service to address family, child-related, property or financial problems. Mediation provides a recognised and helpful alternative to court proceeding. It takes place in a safe, friendly environment that avoids the stress and cost of the court process.

What can Vale Mediation do for you?

Mediation is a recognised helpful alternative to court and is also becoming an essential prerequisite to court applications. We can help you in five different ways.

  • Discuss child related matters - When couples separate often matters are at issue involving where the child will live and how much contact the child will have with the non-resident parent. The focus should always be on the child - this is often lost in the acrimony surrounding the break up. Court can be costly and usually just intensifies antagonism between the parents. Mediation endeavours to help couples to come together for the sake of their children and hopefully reach agreement in a calm environment. This process is so much better for the child.
  • Solve financial problems – This is another prime area of dispute faced by separating couples. Mediation cannot offer legal advice but can help couples discuss these difficult matters again, without expensive recourse to the courts. This is a much more cost-effective option than immediately launching court action.
  • Avoid the stress of court – Court is stressful for the individual and tends to bring out the worst in separating couples. The very language of Applicant and Respondent and the opposing teams of legal advisors is not conducive to sensible constructive dialogue.
  • Obtain speedier results – Without mediation the lengthy process of negotiation via solicitors’ letters and ultimately an application to court can last several months and potentially years. Mediation is typically concluded in three or four sessions. There’s real prospect of reaching an agreement that can become the basis for a legally binding settlement.
  • Maintain civilized relationships for the benefit of all involved - It is so much better that parents remain amicable when children are involved. If asked, children in many cases just want their separating parents to remain friends. There’s little likelihood of this when proceeding through the court system. Mediation gives greater hope for the children.

Liz Hunt certed. BA Hons
LLB Hons MBA Cima